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Lohmann Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

Industrial Gearbox provides Lohmann gearbox repair when your Lohmann gearbox is down. You need it up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repairing an existing Lohmann gearbox can be a quick and cost effective way of bringing your process availability back to 100%, compared with a Lohmann replacement unit.

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Lohmann Stolterfoht Gearboxes, Part of the ZF Group Brand

The Lohmann Stolterfoht Company was founded as two entities of the GMBH Companies decided to form this division independently from its previous parent company. The owners reimagined the traditional design of couplings made from claw clutches to stand still shifters and even invented the A Coupling which was patented to be utilized as a fundamental mechanical principles followed by the Lohmann and Stolterfoht Company. Through the years the company has changed names multiple times until it was picked up by Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen which also goes by ZF Group or ZF Industries.

ZF Group purchased The Lohmann Gearbox brand to be utilized for mining applications as well as large mega construction machines for the industrial sectors, ropeway systems and gear drives for offshore applications. The ZF Industries Gearboxes produced today still utilize the same design and coupling innovation designed by Max Lohmann in the ZF Redulus Gearbox (The Spiritual Successor To The Lohmann Gearbox). With its A Coupling this gear drive has a flexible design which allows for its use across all transmission and dimensional varients for various processing plants from Sugarmills, Apron Feeders, Shredders and Tunnel boring Machines. These large format gearboxes are designed for large output in a planetary style design.

Lohmann Gearbox Repair

Is you Lohmann Gearbox in need of repair? Give us a call at (312)579-0030 to Request A Quote . Industrial Gearbox is open 24/7 and is equipped to handle all of your gearbox repair needs. We have been repairing legacy and outdated Lohmann Gearboxes since we opened. We offer Free Freight and Free Quotes Nationwide as well as a 24 Month Warranty and we also offer 24 hour Emergency Rush Repair.

Our Mechanics at Industrial Gearbox are all Timken Bearing Certified and Falk School trained meaning they never use a press to press on a bearing to a shaft. Instead they shrink the shaft using liquid nitrogen and place a super heated bearing on top allowing gravity to do the installation for us and snapping it in place.

Once we pick up your gearbox for a free quote we instantly break it down the moment it lands in our shop and place it in an industrial parts washer to strip away the grime and grease to allow us to better assess the fault. Once we are approved for Gearbox Repair we instantly start working on your Lohmann Gearbox. We repair or replace all damaged bearing seal areas and housings as well as replace or repair any internal components and replace all bearings and seals with Fresh From The OEM Bearings.

We keep all Lohmann Critical Spare parts in stock at Industrial Gearbox to reduce our leed time by reducing the time we wait for shipping. We can also Manufacture all internal components including gearing up to 20 feet in diameter for Lohmann gearboxes on site in our Gear Manufacturing Division.

After your gearbox has been reassembled and coated in a temperature resistant polymer designed to reduce vibrations and overheating, The Lohmann Gearbox is placed on a custom built test bench on a light load where it is tested for six hours for leaking, vibrations, overheating and other abnormalities. Once passing these tests your Lohmann Gearbox is certified with our 24 month warranty.

Is your Lohmann Gearbox down? Call now at (312)579-0030 to speak to a gearbox repair coordinator right now! If you have any questions regarding our emergency rush repair service email me directly Andrew@IndustrialGearbox.net

Lohmann Gearbox Repair

In addition to repairing Lohmann gearboxes, we offer a full technical service to identify any issues in production and recommend the optimum solution for your Lohmann gearbox. Our expertise will often enable us to offer product upgrades or rebuild to improve the performance or lifetime of your existing Lohmann transmissions.

Our focus on high quality industrial Lohmann gearbox rebuilds combined with fast response times ensures the best possible solution for our customers.

Lohmann gearbox manufacturing

As a complete machine shop, we have the capability to manufacture Lohmann gears to exact specifications and also handle Lohmann gearbox overhauls and line boring. We offer the highest quality Lohmann gears in the industry with complete customer satisfaction. Our 24 hour emergency service guarantees that we will be available to keep your machinery up and running.

At Industrial Gearbox we provide custom manufacturing of Lohmann gears for a wide variety of industries. Our extensive machining capabilities can manufacture gears up to 20' in diameter to suit large-scale mechanical power of transmission applications.

Lohmann gearbox restoration

Our skilled engineers have first-rate experience in Lohmann gearbox equipment breakdown, reverse engineering, and gear design. With the latest equipment and high design standards, we consistently surpass expectations when it comes to inspection, repair, and cost savings. Additionally, emergency services and breakdown repair are available for any industrial Lohmann drive component.

Lohmann Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

A Built reputation upon high-quality Lohmann Industrial gearbox repairs.