• Nationwide 24/7 Emergency Industrial Hansen Gearbox Repairs

Hansen Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

Industrial Gearbox provides Hansen gearbox repair when your Hansen gearbox is down. You need it up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repairing an existing Hansen gearbox can be a quick and cost effective way of bringing your process availability back to 100%, compared with a Hansen replacement unit.

hansen gearbox repair rebuild manufacture

A Legacy of Transmission Services

Hansen Transmissions International is based out of Belgium and is the worlds leading manufacturers of wind turbine Hansen Gearboxes. The Hansen Gear Company was founded in 1923 and began producing the first Hansen Gearbox in 1979. All Gearboxes produced by Hansen Gearboxes are designed to be Large HighTech and Power Dense gearboxes which require precision during the manufacturing process. Hansen has a team of engineers who design these gearboxes and place a high level of acute care during the assembly and testing processes. Hansen Gearboxes has focused testing focusing on the Gear Manufacturing Process by setting the proper micron level in the tolerances.

All Hansen Gears are finalized through a hardening process known as gas carburization. The gears are heated beyond 900 degrees celsius in a gaseous environment allowing carbon to penetrate the surface as the temperature drops to 850 celsius before being plunged into and oil bath. What makes Hansen Gearboxes different from other competitors is the proprietary testing system utilized by Hansen Gearboxes. We understand that we cant simulate their extensive testing method as it is kept private. However since all of our mechanics are certified we extensively test all gearbox repairs for 6 hours on a custom build test bench.

Hansen Gearbox Repair

Has your equipment began to malfunction? Or are you in need of Hansen Gearbox Repair ? Give us a call at 312.570.0030 to be connected with a Gearbox Repair Coordinator so we can schedule a pickup. Industrial Gearbox offers Free Freight and Free Quotes Nationwide. Industrial Gearbox is a comprehensive remanufacturing center specializing on the repair of Industrial Gearboxes. Once we pick up your gearbox our mechanics take it apart and place all the components into an industrial parts washer to wash away the grime and grit to allow us to find the fault. Once our quote is approved we can begin our Industrial Gearbox Repair

All Mechanics at Industrial Gearbox are Timken Bearing Certified and Falk School Trained. We also have the ability to Manufacture all gearing for Hansen Gearboxes up to 20 Feet In Diameter and we always keep critical spare parts in stock to ensure we can keep our repair leed times down as we dont have to rely on shipping from the OEM.

If you are in need of a faster and more expedited service we also offer 911 emergency rush repair.

After your Gearbox has been repaired, all damage has been repaired or housing, bearing seal areas or internal components have been replaced your gearbox is coated in a polymer designed to reduce vibrations and overheating. Your Gearbox is then assembled and placed on a six hour test bench on a light load to test for leaking, overheating and vibration as well as any other abnormalities.

If your hansen Gearbox is in need of repair please feel free to Request A Quote on our contact page or give us a call at 312 579 0030. If you have any questions regarding our emergency rush repair feel free to email me directly at Andrew@IndustrialGearbox.net

Hansen Gearbox Repair

In addition to repairing Hansen gearboxes, we offer a full technical service to identify any issues in production and recommend the optimum solution for your Hansen gearbox. Our expertise will often enable us to offer product upgrades or rebuild to improve the performance or lifetime of your existing Hansen transmissions.

Our focus on high quality industrial Hansen gearbox rebuilds combined with fast response times ensures the best possible solution for our customers.

Hansen gearbox manufacturing

As a complete machine shop, we have the capability to manufacture Hansen gears to exact specifications and also handle Hansen gearbox overhauls and line boring. We offer the highest quality Hansen gears in the industry with complete customer satisfaction. Our 24 hour emergency service guarantees that we will be available to keep your machinery up and running.

At Industrial Gearbox we provide custom manufacturing of Hansen gears for a wide variety of industries. Our extensive machining capabilities can manufacture gears up to 20' in diameter to suit large-scale mechanical power of transmission applications.

Hansen gearbox restoration

Our skilled engineers have first-rate experience in Hansen gearbox equipment breakdown, reverse engineering, and gear design. With the latest equipment and high design standards, we consistently surpass expectations when it comes to inspection, repair, and cost savings. Additionally, emergency services and breakdown repair are available for any industrial Hansen drive component.

Hansen Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

A Built reputation upon high-quality Hansen Industrial gearbox repairs.