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Industrial Gearbox Repair

Industrial Gearbox offers complete industrial gearbox repair services. We service gearboxes from several industries such as Mining, Steel Mill, Cement Production, Oil, Conventional Power, Plastics, Rubber and More! Our technicians have over 75 years of combined experience in gearbox repair, rebuilding and customization.

Our repair process utilizes a detailed analysis to find out what went wrong with your gearbox. Our staff cleans and inspects every inch of the gearbox to find out what the damage is and what caused it. We take account into our investigation any increase in operational demands as well as any environmental changes to ensure that our repairs not only fix the gearbox, But also aid in the prevention of the problem. We have critical spare parts in stock and can Manufacture Gears in 24 hours for Emergency Rush Repairs.

We work on many brands, makes and models of gearboxes. We are specialists in legacy or obsolete gearboxes as well as we have a massive archive of blueprints from prior rebuilds as well as OEM Product Catalogs with all original designs, measurements and blueprints for types of gearboxes that are no longer manufactured making us the best source for gearbox repair as we can remanufacture older models as well as current generation models. We can repair any style or configuration of gearbox from right angle, single extruders, double extruders, exposed gear combination, cooling tower configurations and more. Some Manufacturers like Flender produce multiple types of gearboxes for use in many industries. Even though some may be considered obsolete and others may be the current models we pride ourselves with our flexibility to perform our signature Flender Gearbox service on Any type or age of Flender Gearbox. The same goes with any other brand that has current and legacy models. We are Gearbox Guys, We Repair Gearboxes.

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Our well-qualified and equipped gearbox repair experts can often rebuild a gearbox for significantly less than the cost of a new replacement and deliver it to you in much less time.

We can reverse engineer every component of your gearbox from shafts and gears to housings, at a fraction of the cost and time of the O.E.M.

We have a proprietary process that allows us to manufacture all types of gears for your gearbox in 24 Hours. We can manufacture gears to OEM Specs as well as the ability to customize and make improvements on that particular gear if needed.

We have critical spare parts in stock and the ability to manufacture new gears in 24 hours for emergency rush repairs.

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